Kelly Perez & Courtney Mathis, Cannabis Doing Good, kindColorao

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By Bruce Eckfeldt | Oct. 2020

KELLY PEREZ & COURTNEY MATHIS, CANNABIS DOING GOOD, KINDCOLORADO Kelly Perez, President, Co-founder, Cannabis Doing Good

Kelly Perez is the CEO/co-founder of kindColorado and President/co-founder of Cannabis Doing Good, created to connect cannabis businesses to community and to highlight the good that the sector is doing. Our trademarked, Cannabis Social Responsibility (CSR), puts into action, purpose driven cannabis partnerships to support equity/justice, positive community impact, and environmental sustainability. CSR helps to shift the cannabis narrative—from the War on Drugs, to a cultural sea change where opportunities are equitable, policy is just, communities benefit, and cannabis is a circular economic practice.

Courtney Mathis, CEO, Co-founder, Cannabis Doing Good

Courtney has 15+ years of nonprofit consulting, 10+ of executive marketing and branding, holds a Masters in Nonprofit Management and is the recipient of several awards for contribution as a civil society capacity leader. She is the CEO and co-founder of Cannabis Doing Good, President and co-founder of kindColorado and is a long-time social change leader that believes that through strategic community outreach and dynamic messaging, the cannabis industry will be a welcomed community asset. Courtney is a proud mother, wife and science-fiction fan.

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Building a Responsible Industry with Kelly Perez & Courtney Mathis of Cannabis Doing Good

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By Shea Gunther | Sept. 11, 2020

Kelly Perez and Courtney Mathis of Cannabis Doing Good join host Jordan Wellington to talk about their shared history in Colorado’s legal marijuana industry and their work developing Corporate Social Responsibility in cannabis. Produced by Shea Gunther.

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