Our Story

kindColorado began through crazy luck and aligned passions of our founders, Kelly and Courtney. Their partnership began while working to connect communities and cannabis businesses and has since grown into kindColorado's pioneering Cannabis Social Responsibility framework.

Our goal of the Cannabis Social Responsibility framework is to create pathways for communities and businesses to collaborate, for employers and employees to celebrate, and for businesses and customers to participate in community outreach. Our framework is firmly driven by the ethos that through conscious community outreach and messaging, the cannabis industry has the opportunity to support community health, enrich economic development, and inform policies across multiple sectors.

Our mission is the heart of our services: to positively impact communities that have been systemically underserved and oppressed while also shaping the cannabis industry’s evolving story. We believe this industry has the profound ability to create a confluence of economic, social, and political change. That cannabis businesses can -- and should -- do good.

Our founders have spoken across the country at national cannabis conferences, facilitated workshops for businesses and nonprofits on the risk and rewards of partnership, and produced charitable events in both the US and Canada which spotlight the industry’s capacity to drive philanthropy and generate impact. We have also consulted with several municipalities across North America on how to construct robust community engagement policy.

Our work in social responsibility has granted us recognition as one of the Top 100 Cannabis Companies in the United States, as well as earned us numerous nominations across the industry.

Nomination for the Cannabist Awards
2018 Cannabis Leader Award from Green Entreprenuer
Nomination for Cannabis Business Awards
Nomination for WeedWeek's Weedy Awards