Our Story

kindColorado began through crazy luck and aligned passions of its founders Kelly and Courtney. Their partnership began while working to connect communities and cannabis businesses and has since grown into a pioneering Cannabis Social Responsibility team.

The goal of the Cannabis Social Responsibility framework is to create pathways for communities and businesses to collaborate, for employers and employees to celebrate, and for businesses and customers to participate in community outreach. It is firmly driven by the ethos that through conscious community outreach and messaging, the cannabis industry has the opportunity to support community health, enrich economic development, and inform policies across multiple sectors.

kindcolorado's mission and the heart of its services are to not only positively impact communities that have been systemically underserved and oppressed, but also to help shape the cannabis industry’s evolving story - that cannabis businesses can and should do good. The kindCO team absolutely believes that the Cannabis Social Responsibility framework, when applied with mindfulness and strategy, can create sustaining, mutually beneficial relationships between communities and cannabis. For the last 3 years, kindCO has been applying these concepts to help companies achieve their business goals, mobilize their values into community engagement, and worked with community agencies on demystifying the cannabis sector.

Our team does this work with joy, humility and a lot of patience. We are always seeking ways to find balance in being entrepreneurs, parents, partners and creatives. That’s our story for now - we are excited to learn yours!