Growing Our Good

kindNation is the manifestation of two years of business evolution and recognition that our philosophy, mission and our model – have the greatest positive impact – when everyone participating in or impacted by the industry has a pathway to build social good.

The success of our work is dependent upon other states, businesses, nonprofits and agencies to implement Cannabis Social Responsibility™ (CSR) in their own backyards. Through trainings, workshops and fidelity to our model, our Affiliate Network allows us to grow our mission and for you to build the capacity to further mutual benefit between the cannabis industry and communities.

We also offer services as kindCalifornia, kindWashington, kindNevada, kindOregon, and more to come!

And if you want to be part of helping us grow – reach out for a collaborative conversation.

In the meantime, signup for one of our trainings or hour-long consultations to learn more about how we use our CSR framework in the cannabis sector to combat the negative impacts of prohibition and the ongoing Drug War, address food and medicine access for underserved communities, and direct time and financial resources to organizations pioneering equity and justice.