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By Seth Marcus | Dec. 14, 2017

Last November, seven more states legalized marijuana, increasing the total number of states where the use of marijuana in some capacity (recreational or medical) is not illegal to twenty-eight. Overall, the legal marijuana industry could gross as much as $20 billion in revenue by 2020. Many of the new businesses making up the legal marijuana industry are looking to give back to their communities, but many nonprofits are hesitant to accept their donations.

Courtney Mathis is a serial entrepreneur within the Cannabis Space. Her history in the non-profit sector has given her a unique passion for business/community involvement, which she now applies to the emerging cannabis industry. Her motto “Cannabis Doing Good” represents her core values in all projects she leads.

Courtney and I get into it quick, and discuss everything from travel stories and plans, our relationships with cannabis, work-family balance, and the universal power of purpose. We became fast friends, and I’m so excited to share Courtney Mathis with the MindMill Community.

When reaching out to Courtney for our interview, she provided this amazing email, which gives great insight into all of her current project and her vibrant personality:

EMAIL FROM COURTNEY: kindColorado: We are a nearly two-years old, female founded agency that facilitates community engagement for the cannabis industry (particularly those communities impacted by the War on Drugs). We have trademarked Cannabis Social Responsibility and developed a framework for how industry businesses can meaningful show up in their communities in a way that creates mutual benefit and thus positive community impact. (we are re-launching website soon, ignore its current state now)

RootedSpace: This is my marketing and branding agency. We recently pivoted to serve only cannabis through market demand (very lucky). Our unique position is that we help craft messaging for companies that showcase their values – in hopes of cultivating increased brand affinity and fan loyalty. We also strive to get cannabis business owners to think about how their products are an illustration of values. In essence, giving them a chance to tell their market what they care about and why.

Conscious Cannabis Co: This is a newly launched initiative of RootedSpace. Our goal is to elevate the cannabis industry’s narrative while giving the cannabis community and the cannabis curious a way to support curated causes. We will first launch two t-shirts (including tanks and long-sleeves) – one will say “cannabis is the new kale”, the other will say “Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin CBD”. A percentage of proceeds (still working on #s) from cannabis is the new kale” will go to hurricane relief and “vitamin A…” will go to support Wildfire relief. We will launch new shirts and new causes every quarter. Hemp and sustainably farmed cotton materials.

The Daily Organic: Our goal is to create a no frills, entertaining cannabis newsletter. We eliminate the consumers’ need to visit multiple websites for cannabis news and deliver into their inbox (soon, daily). We also add much needed levity to very serious topics including regulation and politics. We are in beta phase but very excited about the potential of our product (modeled after The Skimm and Finimize).

Okay so that’s all the fun that I’m up to. Most of these projects have prevailing themes, which is that I want to elevate the industry while also giving business owners the necessary tools to show up in their communities as good neighbors. I come from the nonprofit world, over 15 years management and strategic planning. It is a broken sector, handicapped by its own poverty mentality and inability to end cycles of bad philanthropy. What if we could take the courageous from the cannabis sector and embolden them to support the vulnerable from the nonprofit or service sectors. Whether we do this through thoughtful giving, authentic messaging or amazing swag – the goal is the same – marrying cannabis with a cause (other than it’s own). And The Daily Organic is such a fun way to get an audience and overtime, share some our opinions about the unfolding cannabis landscape.

Also, doing all of this while being a first time mom is FUCKING hard. Balance is nearly impossible. It takes an incredibly patient husband and an insane amount of self-awareness to create moments in the day where I can be with my family and still run my businesses. I mess up all the time and am a long way off from achieving any sort of entrepreneur meets mom nirvana – but I’m trying. My two mottos every day are:I am abundant(meaning I already have enough) – being broke and in constant start-up mode takes its toll – but I try and remind myself I have what I need (family, food, shelter). And my other is, “play more, make more”. Very few successful people worked themself into miserable oblivion. So I take walks every day with my family and have started to hold Saturdays sacred – no working. Baby steps towards that one.

And when I’m done changing the cannabis narrative and creating huge positive change for communities – I hope to write science fiction and hang with my kiddo.

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